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Lapacho Tea

Freshly Brewed From Sun To Moon

My Tea Czar aims to introduce a new theory of hydration by resurrecting long-forgotten indigenous roots, barks, herbs, and vegetables combined with more familiar modern counterparts to achieve an orgasmic hybridization of native and mainstream flavors creating a totally different, fun, tasty, healthy, safe and novel hydration experience for our fans and customers. Our Teas, Coffees, and other beverage drinks must do the body and mind palpable good, promote a sense of wellness and wellbeing while also offering a holistic guilt-free refreshing experience. At My Tea Czar, we like to say, ‘Good Stuff’.

Ready red tea in tea bowls
Beautiful rocky monument with a carved image of a human face in the jungle
community objective

Proudly Supporting the Work of the Heavenly Treasures Charity Foundation (HTCF) Africa and the Indigenous People of the Amazon

As part of our community service objective, we are committed to reforestation activities in depleted portions of the Amazonian Rainforest. Tea Czar is committed to planting over 100,000 trees in the next 10yrs. Our company is also committed to protecting the unique flora and fauna of the Amazon by supporting the lifestyle of the indigenous peoples of the Rainforest and promoting a world of peace, harmony and co-operation among all humankind.

We are committed to producing only non-toxic, non-GMO or chemically saturated food grade products to our customers, if we can’t feed it to our own family, we refuse to feed it to the children of our neighbors, friends, customers and their families.

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We Offer Only the Best Drinks
for Your Long Evenings

Our mission

Demand quality, not just in the products you buy, but in the life of the person who made it

My Tea Czar pays meticulous attention to ensuring that our beverage ingredients are ethically sourced, organic and have little or no impact on the environment; by mixing one good thing, with more good things we believe we can get an even better thing. Thus, we can confidently say that even though we recommend you only hydrate with water, if you must do anything else, drink the ‘Good stuff’ from Tea Czar.

We prefer honey

Why we like to call it 'The Good Stuff'

Unprecedented events have highlighted the necessity for a more proactive stance on health and wellness. Americans consume a lot of sugary, unhealthy drinks and beverages; My Tea Czar having noted the trend has taken up the challenge of changing attitudes by providing a healthy alternative which in no way diminishes the taste experience. Pursuant to this, we have decided to make beverages which reduces to the barest minimum the use of artificial sweeteners, chemicals, colorings, stabilizers while retaining the use of organic food grade recipes with proven record of being good for you. It is like we want you to enjoy eating your vegetables by reinventing good ole grandma’s recipes; our beverages are to wellness what good ole chicken noodle soup is to the flu.